Beyond The Machine:
Short Course

Take your knowledge of Sales Process Engineering to the next level

You’ve read The Machine. Now take your knowledge of Sales Process Engineering to the next level with this free short course from Justin Roff-Marsh (author of The Machine).

Beyond The Machine consists of 4 classes, spaced over a 21-day period.

Each class is a deep dive into a critical topic, with focus on practical application, rather than theory.

Review the list of classes below—then watch an extract from Class 2—and then go ahead and enroll. It’s free!

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Class 1: Meaningful selling interactions

  • A simple business growth formula
  • How to produce an immediate lift in sales (and eliminate risk)

Class 2: A powerhouse customer service team

  • Two approaching tsunamis (and how to prepare for them)
  • How to get to >90% on-time case-completion performance

Class 3: How to generate sales opportunities

  • Inbound is nice, but outbound pays the bills!
  • The critical (but somewhat complex) campaign workflow

Class 4: How to prosecute sales opportunities

  • How to design your engagement model
  • How to use events (webinars and workshops) to supercharge your win rate

Class 5: How to harness the power of technology

  • The dangers of the “fully integrated” solution
  • How to get all the technology you genuinely need on a tight budget

Class 6: How to manage your sales function

  • What your should measure (and what you definitely shouldn’t)
  • How to run short, high-impact WIP meetings


This video contains two short extracts from Class 2 of Beyond The Machine